#AllMyMusic for 2/22/16

I didn’t listen to much music over the weekend but it being a Monday, I certainly needed some music to get the week going.

19. 01 Hell Hole by Spinal Tap – An actual Spinal Tap track, it has been awhile since I’ve heard or watched Spinal Tap but their music despite having lyrics that parody rock music still sounds good.
20. 01 Hugh Jack & Russel Crowe & Convicts – Look Down -From the movie Les Miserables, a great opening track for this musical play turned musical movie.
21. 01 John Powell – GOA – From the movie The Bourne Supremacy, a simple yet peculiar movie theme and interesting way to open a movie soundtrack.
22. 01 – Metal City (Night Chase) – The first of many Sonic tracks in this project. This one coming from Sonic Riders, which isn’t a typical Sonic game but the music is still fun.
23. 01 – Let There Be More Light – I’m going to say this now so I can get it out of the way, a lot of Pink Floyd music kind of blends together, I’ll have a lot Pink Floyd in these early parts of the listening project and I can’t spot huge details to explain how one song stands out over the other.
24. 01 – Obscured by Clouds – More Pink Floyd, some of their music isn’t the best to listen to while driving as you can easily space out and not totally be concentrating on driving.
25. 01 One Of These Days – Pink Floyd, I need to take notes to differentiate these tracks for their write up
26. 01 Pings On The Wing – Pink Floyd, is this the song where the pig logo and references come from?
27. 01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond – This song was really long and I had duplicates luckily I noticed and didn’t listen to this song multiple times.
28. 01 Signs Of Life – A much shorter Pink Floyd song
29. 01 Sonic World – I’m not sure what Sonic game this is from as it doesn’t stand out, kind of sounds like generic music from a Sonic game.
30. 01 Terrible Lie – The first Nine Inch Nails song, this is a live version of the song from collection entitled Live Hate.
31. 01 The_Post_War_Dream – This is from a collection of Pink Floyd songs entitled The Final Cut, it has a weird intro that has radio or TV noises then gets quickly into the lyrics.
32. 01 Time- A Pink Floyd song I’m actually familiar with
33. 01 Touch of Grey – This is my favorite Grateful Dead song, partially due to the video with crudely done skeleton puppets
34 01 Unknown Track 1- I have no idea what this track is, it has a female singer that starts the song with the line “well, well.” it sounds like a hipupbeat song, possibly from a Sonic game or some kind of anime, but it doesn’t have a album title, so who knows.

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