Apr 30

Top 10 Films of Summer 2014 Predictions with Derick Armijo

This week Adam is joined by Derick Armijo to prognosticate what the top movies of summer 2014 will be according to US domestic box office. They will revisit their list after Labor Day weekend in September.

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Feb 19

Top 20 Best Movies of 2013

This week Adam is joined by Film Geek Central‘s Austin Kennedy. They recap their personal list of top 20 best movies of 2013.

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Jan 17

Good Diction Interview – The Adam Wells Podcast 01/17/14

This week after a long hiatus, Adam is back with an interview of a local band from Northeast Minneapolis called Good Diction, they discuss their origins as a band, their latest EP, among other topics.

Find out more info about Good Diction including where to buy their music at http://www.gooddictionmusic.com/

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Jun 30

The Adam Wells Podcast 06/30/2013

This week, Adam apologizes for not doing an episode last week due to bad weather and a power outage, also discussed World War Z, White House Down, going to a wedding and hosting movie trivia, also he answers your emails.

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Jun 17

The Adam Wells Podcast 06/16/13

This Adam talks Man of Steel with Derick Armijo, including expectations going into the film and thoughts of the film after seeing it. Throughout the 2+ hour discussion Derick makes some recommendations to Adam including Matinee, Fast 6, Superman Returns, and the TV series Bunheads. Adam recommended to Derick the TV series Spawn and the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon to Derick.

***WARNING: This Podcast contains spoilers for Man of Steel and Superman Returns***

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Jun 09

The Adam Wells Podcast 06/09/2013

This week Adam has Amanda ‘Mandie’ Marron on the show to discuss the Game Of Thrones season 3 finale. Also discussed is the last week of Adam being a brief internet meme and formerly hosting Geek Guy and Gal with Mandie.

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Jun 02

The Adam Wells Podcast 06/02/2013

This episode contains my early reactions to watching the HBO show “Vice” and more in depth reactions to the Rain of Castamere episode of Game of Thrones. Spoilers for Game of Thrones go until 14:00 and then I slipped in a conversation about movies Josh Anderson and I had last week before recording the episode, including Fast & Furious 6, The Hangover Part III, and Star Trek Into Darkness

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May 26

The Adam Wells Podcast 05/26/2013

This week Adam is joined by Josh Anderson from The Pillagecast and Extra Damage podcast to discuss the Xbox One reveal and compare it to the Playstation 4 reveal back in February.

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May 19

The Adam Wells Podcast 05/19/2013

This week Adam Wells has his old friend from high school TJ Frazier on to discuss Star Trek Darkness, high school, among other things. The discussion starts as a general discussion and moves into spoilers at 10 minutes into the episode and spoiler talk is until 30 minutes and the discussion goes into other topics.

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May 12

The Adam Wells Podcast 05/12/2013

This week I discuss more Iron Man 3, breakdown The Great Gatsby and The To Do List, the vanity of teachers giving each other awards, and other things.

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