My Personal Rules for #AllMyMusic

So I realize listening to 16,000 songs is a daunting task, so I have come up with some rules for this personal challenge. As I come up with more rules, I will update this page with additional rules.

  1. Spoken word tracks can but not necessarily will be skipped. I have a few audio books in my library and I won’t be documenting them in this list. But if a track from a comedy album comes up, I will listen and document it.
  2. Repeated songs will be skipped. Due to greatest hits and soundtracks, I’m bound to have duplicates in my library. So if I have “Bohemian Rhapsody” in my library 3 times, I will only listen to it once and document it once. I might note in my brief write up on the song if I have it in my library multiple times.