Feb 19

Top 20 Best Movies of 2013

This week Adam is joined by Film Geek Central‘s Austin Kennedy. They recap their personal list of top 20 best movies of 2013.

Austin Kennedy’s site: http://filmgeekcentral.com

Austin on Twitter: http://twitter.com/filmgeekcentral

Adam’s other podcast about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: http://beyondtheshieldpodcast.com

Adam’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheAdamWells


May 03

The Adam Wells Podcast 05/03/2013

This week Adam has Derick Armijo on to discuss Iron Man 3, stories about malls, and other such things. This episode has a multitude of spoilers for Iron Man 3, so if you like to avoid that sort of thing, wait to listen to this episode until after seeing Iron Man 3.

You can find Derick Armijo’s blog at http://picturestartwithderickarmijo.blogspot.com/
Derick on Twitter: http://twitter.com/derickarmijo
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Mar 29

The Adam Wells Podcast 03/29/2013

This week, Adam Wells reviews GI Joe: Retaliation and the Evil Dead remake, as well as raves about the TV show Girls and Comcast’s free HBO weekend online. Oh and he just bought a car.

evil_dead_poster frustrating

Mar 23

The Adam Wells Podcast 03/23/13

In this episode, Adam interview Phil Vecchio from Radio Brendoman and discuss how Phil came to be the way he is, including learning music in church, meeting his wife Janelle, and starting a record label. Also briefly at the beginning is a discussion about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter and what Warner Brothers is really up to.

You can hear Phil on Radio Brendoman at www.radiobrendo.com also check out his label’s music at www.popvoxmusic.com

Also check out The Jolly Groggers at http://www.jollygroggers.com/

Here is the prize pack Dan Amrich aka OneOfSwords sent for winning his weekly contest on his Podcast

2013-03-23 11.01.36


Not pictured are a pair of white drum sticks I forgot to include in the picture.

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Feb 23

The Adam Wells Podcast 2/22/13

The first episode of The Adam Wells Podcast, where Adam gives an overview of what this podcast will be and then goes over his picks for the 2013 Academy Awards

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